Refuse and Resist!

Why Refuse & Resist!

Refuse & Resist is the organization for everyone who refuses to go along with today's national agenda of repression and cruelty, poverty and punishment.

1.75 million human beings in prison, thousands on death row. Welfare and aid to the elderly slashed. Police powers increase daily. Official policy is stop, search, beat, even kill based on skin color. Immigrants denied education and health services. Women denied control over their own bodies. Abortion providers murdered and terrorized. Vigilantes take heart in the official atmosphere and act on it -- a black man dragged to death, a gay man tortured and left to die. A Christian fascist, fundamentalist morality infuses institutions. Morality police. Sex police. Art police. Political police. More and more police.

The 21st Century -- what kind of world will it be? R&R! is people from all walks of life who accept responsibility for the future. We will not say "we didn't know."

R&R! is a place where Hollywood artists can meet and plan resistance with parents from the South Bronx who have lost children to police murder. It is a place where noted scholars can join with rural youth to learn what they both need to do to prevent the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal. It is a place where those locked down in the barrios, projects and prisons can be heard and respected and supported by people from suburbs and small towns who might not otherwise know their stories.

R&R! treasures and nurtures resistance and resistors and works to amplify every act, including giving Courageous Resister Awards to honor those who inspire us to know a different future is possible.

Our mission is to build a climate, culture and community of resistance to defeat the whole reactionary agenda. If you agree that this needs to be done, then you belong in Refuse & Resist!

Refuse & Resist! was formed in 1987 by artists, lawyers, activists and others who saw an alarming trend in the U.S. toward greater state control and repression. They wrote in the Founding Statement: "Some of us strongly believe in the principles and values to which this country has historically aspired; others of us find oppression and injustice to be rooted in these same principles. But ALL of us agree on the need to repudiate this new course. The transformation now taking place [in America] is not some periodic swing of the pendulum from 'left' to 'right'... [It] seeks a fundamentalist right-wing morality imposed by the state as the vehicle to crush nonconformist behavior -- political, social and cultural.

R&R! builds and encourages many forces of resistance: speaking out in schools, communities and in the media; organizing forums and meetings; demonstrating in the streets; creating and performing cultural works; and contributing financially.

R&R! is a non-partisan, national membership organization. We are students and teachers, youth, artists, working people, professionals and activists, well-known and "ordinary" people. We live everywhere from the inner cities to the suburbs and small towns. We are of different nationalities and political beliefs. Join us! Participate in a local chapter or help start one. Get involved in R&R!'s networks and working groups. Take time now to fill out and send in the membership form.

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