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About This Web Site?

In the tradition of the Refuse & Resist! organization, this website provides a collection of diverse viewpoints about the "fundamentalist right-wing morality imposed by the state" and many efforts to resist that repression.

Our intent with this website is to foster the convergence of many diverse streams of dissent, in the spirit of the R&R! Founding Statement, "it is not enough to hope that all of this will simply go away. There must be massive resistance."

The documents published here have been selected because they express opinions or report on events that we think are important to understand, to act upon, or to debate. is maintained by activists who donate their time and expertise to keep it running.

and did you know ...

The Refuse & Resist! website was banned by the Gwinnett County, GA Public Library, and by several commercial "website filter" programs!

Refuse & Resist! was designated the Pennsylvania Destination of the Day by the Pennsylvania Community Providers Association for providing "Information on the appeal for Pennsylvania's most famous current prisoner" - Mumia Abu-Jamal. (Novbember 26, 1997)

Refuse & Resist! received the Nonprofits Online '96 Conference Award for Nonprofit Website Excellence for the category Best Innovative Presentation of Content.

This site was chosen by a panel of 25 judges who are all active in the nonprofit online community. There were 207 nominations for the ten awards, given October 15, 1996.

Refuse & Resist! was rated among the "Top 5%" of all Web sites by Point Communications Corp.

Content: 32
Presentation: 33
Experience: 34

"Sure to warm the hearts of aging hippies, this New York-based activist group is vitriolic, opionated, and fairly effective. "The current war on women... censorship of the arts, resurgent racism, police state measures, gay bashing, and compulsory patriotism -- Refuse & Resist! says NO to the whole package." On our last visit, their page focused on the imminent execution of African-American journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal in Pennsylvania, with close to 20 links here relating to the case. R&R doesn't shrink from inflammatory agitprop, either: they launch a pro-choice missive by stating that Hitler was "the Father of the Right to Life Movement." Makes for lively reading." (©1995 Point Communications Corp.)

"Armies of the Byte"
"For the activist with a busy schedule, now is the time to plan for the month ahead. Refuse & Resist, an organization that battles for rights for women, immigrants, minorities, gays, and artists - "because it's all one attack" - has devoted a section of its site to protests in October. There's info on the Immigrants and Poor March on Washington, the National Day to Protest Police Brutality, the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, and more. R&R's website is provided free by Calyx, a socially responsible East Village access provider; it's worth a stop at Calyx's home page to see what else is brewing."

- Hilary Rosner, Best of the Web column Village Voice, October 1, 1996

Refuse & Resist! was "selected by The McKinley Group's professional editorial team as a "3-Star" site. This rating is a special mark of achievement in Magellan, McKinley's comprehensive Internet directory of over 1.5 million sites and 40,000 reviews."

"At the Refuse & Resist! home page, users can get acquainted with current issues of international debate, including civil rights and abortion. The site acts as a call to unite against injustices around the world and allows users to access collected newspaper articles and other media transcripts on the issues. A calendar of worldwide demonstrations, as well as links to a wide range of sites for liberal causes, are included here."

The Refuse & Resist web site was selected as Internet Publishing's Political Site of the Day! for April 9, 1996.

"The Political Site of the Day! is a daily link to political sites which are entertaining, informative and/or relevant to the current political discourse. The sites are selected by merit in the above areas, not by ideology."

"Backers take death row appeal to the Internet"

"Worldwide supporters of black activist Mumia Abu-Jamal are pressing their claim on the Internet that the convicted killer of a policeman is an innocent political prisoner who should be spared from execution this summer.

"Starting in late April, political action groups in the United States and the Neatherlands began posting information about Jamal's case on the Internet's World Wide Web.

"Since Ridge took office in January, more than 20,000 faxes, letters and postcards have flooded his office, said Tim Reeves, the governor's press secretary.

"Late last week, the Refuse & Resist! and SPG Web sites contained trial reports, part of the motion for a new trial and interviews with Jamal.

"You normally would not get this kind of information in what I call, prejudicially, the bourgeois press," said Clark Kissinger, the Refuse & Resist! national council member who heads the group's task force on Jamal.

"We don't think any of it has a lot of credibility," said James McDevitt, vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police in Philadelphia. The FOP has seen printouts of the documents, McDevitt said, not the Web page itself."

from The Morning Call, Sunday, June 18, 1995, Allentown, PA

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